Selling Your House? Stage it First

Staging makes a house stand out above the competition. Arrange is Chattanooga’s only owner occupied home staging specialist; we teach sellers how to turn their house into a buyer’s dream home. Home staging prepares a house to appeal to the specific buyer demographic of it’s neighborhood. Do not let your house sit on the market and lose money; work with Arrange today to stage it so that it appeals to those who are buying in your neighborhood. The cost of staging is less than your first price reduction!

Most people assume staging is decluttering and deep cleaning, and while these things are important and a definite first step, it’s not enough. Buyers should walk into a property and envision themselves living there. Arrange will stage your home, turning it into a house; and more so, a house that others aspire to call home.

Need to Update Your Space? Try Interior Redesign

Whether it is problem furniture arrangement, cluttered spaces that have become purposeless, or simply the need to freshen up a room, Arrange works with what clients already have and love to create your ideal space.  Space planning is essential for a room to have the correct function and flow. Arrange works with home owners to not only address problem furniture placement, but also to make sure each area of the home works appropriately.

“Monica has a great talent for re-imagining spaces and creating a fresh look. She helped me with my beach house and I was very pleased with the results!! I love her sense of style and creativity and she was so much fun to work with. Highly recommend.” Arrange Client, K. Mannion

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