Selling Your House? Stage it First

Staging makes a house stand out above the competition and appeal to the specific buyer demographic of it’s neighborhood. Arrange is Chattanooga’s only owner occupied home staging specialist. We help sellers turn their house into a buyer’s dream home. 

Need to Update Your Space? Try Interior Redesign

Whether it is problem furniture arrangement, cluttered spaces that have become purposeless, or simply the need to freshen up a room, Arrange works with what clients already have and love to create your ideal space.

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Home Staging

Owner Occupied Home Staging

A home is generally your largest and most emotional purchase. Most homes hold very dear memories & life’s biggest celebrations–a first anniversary, a child’s first step, a daughter walking down the steps to go on her first date–making it nearly impossible for homeowners to view their homes objectively when putting it on the market.

An occupied consultation provides home sellers with a strategic plan to make their homes market ready; therefore, increasing the opportunity to maximize their return on investment. Continue reading “Home Staging”

Interior Redesign

Interior Redesign–Styling for Your home

Interior redesign is the perfect solution to get the most out of your space, using what you already own and love. More importantly, it allows your home to tell your story. Continue reading “Interior Redesign”


With a background in advertising and education, Monica applies the basic principles of design to all of her projects while focusing on educating her clients about what works and why it works in both staging and redesign. Continue reading “About”