Are Dark Sofas Creating Black Holes in Your Listing Photos?

Ever notice how dark leather sofas create giant holes in your photos? These sofas, so popular with your clients because they are virtually indestructible with children, can absolutely ruin a photo. Since over 95% of all prospective home buyers shop on-line first, the last thing you want are dark sofas making a living space uninviting.

Living Before Living Room 2 BeforeWhat can you do? Accessorize! Throw pillows immediately lighten a dark sofa. In addition, make sure everything else in the living space is set to scale.  A well staged home does not require purchasing all new furnishings and spending a fortune. It’s about using simple and well planned accessories to make any prospective buyer aspire to call your listings home.

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Whimsical (& budget friendly) Nursery Redesign

What a joy and privilege to work on the room that welcomes a new baby home. This was a complete redesign project turning big sister’s room into a baby boy nursery, while utilizing many of the homeowner’s existing pieces. At mom’s request, we kept the existing wall color and searched throughout the home for the most masculine area rug to fit the space.

baby boy nursery

It  was fun to upcycle an old dresser to create the ideal changing spot. Barn wood and metal pipe fittings created the additional storage that was needed. An old nightstand became the accent table to a rocking chair that’s a wonderful example of a hand-me-down. The only items purchased for this nursery were some of the wall hangings, baskets for storage, and a few whimsical accessories.

Nursery beforeThis sweet room proves that it doesn’t require a big budget to create a well organized and functional nursery.  


Home Sellers, Make Every Listing Appointment Count

9 out of 10

Home sellers, did you know that only about 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home that is not their own? That means that 9 out of 10 buyers will walk through your home and not be able to see themselves living in it. That’s startling , considering financially what’s at stake in the sale of a house. It’s even more startling to think that for every 10 showings you have, generally just one will bring buyers who can look past your personal touches,  to see your house as a future home.

What does this mean for home sellers? It certainly does not mean clearing out everything and creating a stale place. However, it usually means getting an early jump start on packing and clearing out personal collections, decluttering, and highlighting each room’s focal point. Home sellers must keep in mind that their favorite collection of wine bottles lining the top of all of the kitchen cabinets will probably not appeal to most buyers. The growing teddy bear collection in a daughter’s room may be awfully sweet, but it will only make a bedroom look smaller. In an active real estate market, the home that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in is the one that sells.

To prepare a home to sell, you must step back and remove your emotional connections to each room and try to see the house with fresh eyes. Statistically speaking it takes just two years for the current owners to become emotionally attached to their homes, making it nearly impossible for owners to view their homes objectively. That’s where home staging comes into play. Arrange will work with you to highlight your home’s focal points and minimize any problem areas; therefore, increasing the opportunity to maximize your return on investment.

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