For a Limited Time–10% off Home Staging Action Plans

Staging your house to go on the market is profitable, but can also be intimidating. At Arrange, we want to eliminate that intimidation for you and give you a game plan for each room of the house that begins at the curb. Having a room by room staging plan will give you the steps you need to create spaces that appeal to the buyer demographic for your neighborhood and help potential buyers to come in and feel at home.

What do you receive in your Home Staging Action Plan (usually $200)?

  • A plan that will highlight the features of the home, while focusing on the buyer demographic of the area.
  • A “how to” visual transformation of a room in your house. We’ll use both the accessories you have on hand, plus accessories that we will bring to show you how to create that desired look.
  • “How to” tips to get better listing photography.
  • We’ll do a complete walk through of your entire home while taking notes for a full color 25 page Home Staging Action Plan, complete with checklists and photo tips.

Get your staging game plan now! Fill out the form below to get started and to receive 10% of the Home Staging Action Plan.