Occupied Home Staging

A home is generally your largest and most emotional purchase.  Most homes hold very dear memories & life’s biggest celebrations–a first anniversary, a child’s first step, a daughter walking down the steps to go on her first date–making it nearly impossible for homeowners to view their homes objectively.  Arrange will work with homeowners to highlight the home’s focal points and minimize any problem areas; therefore, increasing the opportunity to maximize their return on investment.

Staged homes also appeal to a greater audience. Buyers are much more likely to visualize themselves living in a “stage home” as opposed to a “lived in home” and Arrange will work with homeowners to create living spaces that appeal to buyers.

When should home sellers consider home staging?  The answer is simple, the moment homeowners are thinking about putting their house on the market.  A Home Staging Action Plan from Arrange walks homeowners through a step-by-step plan for each room in the house for packing, decluttering, and visually updating a space.

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Interior Redesign

Interior redesign is restyling for your home.  Style and design do not have to come with a high price tag.  Rather, Arrange will begin by using what you already own and love to refesh and renew your space.  Arrange will apply basic design principles to your space so that you will have a place you love to call home.

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